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Admission and Information 

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1. Type of Admission:

A. Corporate or HMO

​​​​We require you or your representative to present either a Letter of Authority from your Company/HMO or a membership/company identification card for emergency admission. The LOA must be submitted by your HMO's Liaison Officer within 24 hours or the next working day from admission through fax, email or personally handed over to the Finance Management Services Department.

B. Personal

An initial payment is required which is relative to the room of choice as well as the case of admission.

2. Consent Forms:

We will be asking you or your authorized representative to sign a consent form for hospital care and diagnostic procedures. This includes the administration of medication and treatment as advised by your Physician.

3. Room Queuing Procedures:

If a call for room reservation is made, please note that your reservation will be kept for two to three hours only (case to case basis).

Our Admitting Staff will check for availability of rooms with its corresponding amenities and rates. The assigned room shall be confirmed upon admission. However, if the you fail to arrive within the indicated time without prior notice, the room shall be made available to other patients. Also, the hospital reserves the right to queuing requests depending on emergency situations.


  • During your stay with us, you will be given a regular update of your hospital bill for perusal.  Your representative may also visit the Billing Section of the Finance Management and Services Department to ask for a partial bill.​

  • The facilitate your admission, we recommend that while you are being attended to in the Emergency Room, your companion will go to the Admitting Section for the following reasons:


  1. To choose a Room Accommodation (depending on availability).

  2. To provide the Admitting Clerk with your pertinent information for proper documentation and recording.

Availment of PhilHealth Benefits:

The PBEF (Philhealth Benefit Eligibility Form) will be generated from the Philhealth portal by the Admitting staff to check if you can avail of your PhilHealth benefits upon admission.

  • If a "NO" icon appears on the PhilHealth portal, our admitting staff will admit you, however, you must comply with the lacking documents prior to discharge from the hospital in order to avail of PhilHealth benefits. You may request your representative to visit the PhilHealth section of the Finance Management Services for further instructions and to submit the required documents.

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