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Operating Room

Peri-Operative/Pacu Section 

Spirituality of Compassion, Shepherding Leadership, Innovative Excellence, Superior  Expertise

This section has seven(7) operating suites with one dedicated for cardiovascular surgery.

OR Specializations:

  1. Open Heart Surgery

  2. Kidney Transplant

  3. Minimal Access Surgery/Laparoscopy

  4. Eye Surgeries.

  5. Brain lab-Assisted Neurosurgery

  6. General Surgery, Orthopedics, Gynecology Thoracis, Vascular, Eyes Ears Nose Throat(EENT) Surgeries, Urologic Surgeries

Our recovery room is fully-equipped with invasive monitoring systems.

 Ensuring Comfort and Safety for Families of Patients

  1. Visitors are not allowed inside the Operating Room. Only members of the Surgical Team are allowed inside the surgical suite.

  2. Family members are not allowed to stay at the holding area. Chairs are provided at the waiting area outside the OR complex for families and visitors of all patients, whether in-patients or out-patient clients.

Conditions that Need to be Communicated to the Operating Room Staff Prior to Surgery:

  1. Allergies to Latex, Betadine solutions and medications

  2. Use of medications such as anti-coagulants

  3. Hereditary family diseases

  4. Presence of Implants and pacemakers

  5. History of drug abuse, seizures and surgical procedures

Items that Need to be Removed Before the Surgery:

  1. Dentures

  2. Jewelries and other accessories

  3. Street clothes (a patient’s gown will be provided for OR use)

  4. Facial cosmetics

  5. Nail polish

Informed Consent

  1. Informed Consent needs to be signed by the patients themselves before the surgery

  2. For patients who are unable to sign the consent form, the form shall be signed either by:

    3. For patients who are minors the Consent form shall be signed by either:

  • Immediate family member or

  • Next of kin

  • Parents who are of legal age or

  • Legal guardian

In case of emergency, where no one can sign the consent and a delay can endanger the life of the patient, the Attending Physician may proceed with the procedure or treatment. It is the responsibility of the same Physician to explain to the patient’s family afterwards.

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