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Clinical Specializations

Spirituality of Compassion, Shepherding Leadership, Innovative Excellence, Superior  Expertise

Our Medical Staff organization has a membership of 817 specialists, classified under the  Active and Associate categories.  

They adhere to the principles governing ethical practice to safeguard the health and safety of their patients.

If you or your family member need  a routine check-up or a highly specialized treatment, you can choose from our list of doctors or you can browse by specialty by clicking any of the department logos below:

This department’s concentration is on the provision of  pain relief,  maintenance, protection and or restoration, patient's well-being and safety just prior to, during, and after surgery.  It also focuses on ensuring the patient's stable condition while delivering quality anesthesia or acute and chronic pain management care.

Family Medicine leads in the promotion of holistic care by competent socially responsive Family Medicine specialists committed to deliver acute, chronic and preventive healthcare for all ages.

Internal Medicine is the medical specialty that deals with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult diseases encompassing all organ systems and includes stabilization and management of critical and terminally-ill adults.

Obstetrics is the specialty of medicine that promotes health and well -being of the pregnant woman and her fetus through quality perinatal care. Such care entails appropriate recognition and treatment of complications, supervision of labor and delivery, ensuring care of the newborn, and management of the puerperium. 
Gynecology is the branch of medicine dealing with health care for women, especially the diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the female reproductive system.

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The Department of Pathology deals with understanding the basis of disease through the examination of organs, tissues, blood, urine and other body fluids in order to improve medical diagnoses and treatment of patients.


This is divided into Clinical Pathology and Anatomic Pathology.

Pediatrics makes a significant positive impact on the overall well – being of newborns, infants and children and young adults on a local and national level through educational, clinical and research programs and community outreach.

Radiology deals with the use of radiation, sound waves and strong magnet to produce medical images to diagnose and treat diseases. We also use radiation to treat certain diseases and cancer.

Surgery is one of our medical specialty's concerned with the treatment of injury, deformity and disease conditions that require operative or manual procedure.

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