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Executive Check-up Program

Executive Check-up Program 

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Patient Guidelines


  1.  All appointments for the Executive Check-up Program (ECUP) shall be arranged at least three days before your date of choice. You may either make arrangements with our ECUP staff personally or by phone through trunk-line numbers 2338620 up to 2338639 local 663 or through mobile number +639321630952 or through e-mail Detailed instructions will be given then.

  2. Once enrolled in your chosen ECUP plan, it is recommended, that your last food and water intake the night before the check-up, be at 10:00pm. This will ensure a 10-12 hours fasting for your Laboratory tests.

  3. We advise you to be at the ECUP Lounge (Mezzanine Floor of the Our Lady of Chartres building) at 8:00am on your scheduled day

  4.  Additional exams not included in the package are available at a discount if paid for in cash.


  1. The duration of the out-patient plans range from 1 hour- 8 hours depending on the plan of choice. There are no check-ups scheduled on Sundays and Holidays.

  2. Please be at the ECUP Lounge at 8:00am. Everything will be facilitated for you by our ECUP staff.

  3. For those taking the Stress Test, please wear appropriate shoes and clothing that is suited for exercise.

  4. Your complimentary breakfast will be served at the Sister’s Best Cafe 1 (Ground Floor of the main hospital building).

  5. We have ECUP Medical Consultants whom we can refer to you if you don’t have a doctor. Please inform our ECUP staff of your preferences.

  6. Professional fees for Medical Consultants are not included in the plans.

  7. Examination results may be claimed at our ECUP office 2-3 days after your check-up.


  1. This plan takes 2 days and 1 night. There are no check-ups scheduled on Sundays and Holidays.

  2. Admission time shall be around 7:00 am. It shall be Direct to Room (DTR) which would mean that you would no longer need to go to the Emergency Room. Everything will be facilitated for you by the ECUP staff.

  3. Please wear appropriate shoes and clothing that is suited for exercise when you take the Stress

  4. You need not look for a doctor as we have a Medical Consultant who will take care of you.

  5. The professional fee of the doctor is included in the plan.

  6. The results for the overnight plan will be given on the day of discharge.

  7. GSIS discounts cannot be applied. Philhealth does not cover ECUP plans.

  8. Charges for medicines, supplies, PFT, additional tests and fees are excluded in this plan.

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