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Department of Laboratories 

Spirituality of Compassion, Shepherding Leadership, Innovative Excellence, Superior  Expertise

The Clinical Laboratory is located at Our Lady of Chartres Building of Perpetual Succour Hospital.


The Ground Floor is occupied by the Reception Area / Out Patient, Screening Drug Testing Laboratory (SDTL) and Blood Bank Section,  the 2nd Floor is where the Hematology, Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Microscopy Sections are locatedand the 3rd Floor is occupied by the Microbiology and Histopathology Sections.

The Department of Laboratories is supervised by the Chief Pathologist, assisted by:

  • six (6) Associate Pathologists 

  • ably manned by forty two (42) Registered Medical Technologists 

  • four (4) Receptionists and

  • one (1) Secretary.

Ibarra T. Panopio, MD, FPSP, DABP

Chief, Anatomic and Clinical Pathology


The Department of Laboratories is divided into two (2) divisions and Services


  • Surgical Pathology -  Biopsies 

  • Cytopathology   -  FNAB, PAP Smear, Cell Block, Cytology

  • ImmunoHistochemistries (IHC)  

  • Autopsy Pathology


  • Hematology – CBC with Platelet, Reticulocyte Count, Coagulation Studies, Dengue Tests

  • Clinical Microscopy – Urinalysis, Pregnancy Test, Hemoglobin Electrophoresis, Serum Protein Electrophoresis

  • Medical Microbiology  – Culture and Sensitivity Testing of Different Specimen, AFB Culture and Stain, MTB/RIF (Gene Expert), CT/NG

  • Clinical Chemistry – Lipid Panel, Executive Panels, Cardiac Risk Panels, Oncology Panel, Liver Profile, Renal Panel, Electrolyte Panel

  • Serology and Immunology – Tumor Markers, Hormones, Hepatitis Panel, Thyroid Panel, Auto Antibodies (Immuno Flourescence)

  • Blood Bank – Donor Screening, Compatibility Testing, Preparation of Blood and  Blood Products, Apheresis, Therapeutic Plasma Pheresis

  • Screening Drug Testing Laboratory 

Departmental Activities:




The Department of Laboratories offers a fully accredited 4-year Residency Training Program of Combined Anatomic and Clinical Pathology

We support multidisciplinary Clinical Trials and research providing complete laboratory diagnostic tests to make significant inputs to the well being of patients and subjects.

The Department of Laboratories annually extends assistance to the different groups  and offer free Diagnostic Services such as CBC, Urinalysis, Capillary Blood Glucose and Blood Typing.

The Laboratory is open to serve you  24 hours a day, seven days a week.


You may call our department for reservations. Contact us through the following numbers:

Trunk line:        (032) 233-8620 up to 39 local 141, 142

Direct line:       (032) 232-2421

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