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Intensive Care Unit

Intensive Care Unit

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  • Medical ICU 
    With fifteen (15) beds, equipped with invasive Monitoring System with Central Monitors; piped-in gases and suction; one on one staffing. The facilities are the following: Dressing Room for Consultants and Staff; Conference Room; lounge for relatives; nurses’ station, E Cart; defibrillator, ambu bags, volume respirators, syringe pumps and Emergency cart with the “E” drugs, IV fluids, plasma expanders, etc.

  • Pediatric ICU
    With five (5) beds equipped with monitors with invasive monitoring system; piped in gases and suction; defibrillator; pediatric volume respirator, ambu bags, Emergency cart with “E” drugs, etc.; with a dressing room, nurses station and lounge for doctors and personnel.

  • Surgical ICU With four (4) beds, equipped with Invasive Cardiac Monitors, Defibrillator with external paddle; piped in gases and suction; ventilator; Emergency Cart with “E” drugs.

  • Neonatal ICU With four (4) beds and equipped with radiant warmers, incubators, syringe pumps, infusion pumps, pulse oximeters, etc.

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