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Medical Records

Medical Imaging Center 

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Patient Guidelines

For Out-Patients:

  • A written request from your attending Physician will be asked from you. You have the option to pay either in cash or you may charge it to your company or insurance.

  • Priority numbers are only given to patients who will undergo x-ray procedures, any other request such as (CT-Scan and M.R.I procedures) will be sorted immediately depending in their plotted schedules or earlier.

For Admitted Patients:

  • You have the option to pay in cash or you can charge the procedure to your hospital bill.

  • If your hospital bill has exceeded its limit, you or your companion need to settle your billing concerns or you may also opt to pay the procedure in cash first and settle your billing concerns later.

    • Once the procedure has been paid, the Medical Imaging Department will call the station in charge for patient transport.


Note: For STAT cases the Medical Imaging Department will immediately perform the procedure with the consent of the nurse in charge and significant others.

Preparation for Procedures:

  • Please inquire ahead of time for the preparation instructions for the specific procedure that you need to undergo. Kindly adhere to them.

  • Some procedures might take longer than expected. Thus, you might want to ask ahead as to the duration of the procedure so that you can manage your time well.

  • To alleviate your anxiety about the procedure, you might also want to ask your doctor or our Medical Imaging staff on what you might possibly experience in the course of the examination.

  • For CT-Scan and MRI procedures that require contrast media, a Creatinine test is required. Our staff will ask about your maintenance medications such as “Metformin” and patient history so that the proper instructions will be given to you. You will then be asked to sign a consent form before the doctor will administer the contrast media.You will then be asked to sign a consent form before the doctor will administer the contrast media.

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