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Operating Room

Clinical Laboratory

Spirituality of Compassion, Shepherding Leadership, Innovative Excellence, Superior  Expertise

Scheduling Guidelines:

This department utilizes a queuing system. Patients are asked to secure priority numbers upon arriving at the Clinical Laboratory.

A written request from your attending Physician will be asked from you. You have the option to pay either in cash or you may charge it to your company or insurance.

Preparation for Procedures:

  • Inquire ahead of time for the preparation instructions for the specific test that you need to undergo. Kindly adhere to them.

  • Some tests might take longer than expected. Thus, you might want to ask ahead as to the duration of the test so that you can manage your time well.

  • To alleviate your anxiety about the test, you might also want to ask your doctor or our Clinical Laboratory staff on what you might possibly experience in the course of the examination.

  • Releasing of Results for Out-Patients

    • Blood Chemistry

      • 2 hours after

    • CBC, Urinalysis, Stool Exam

      • 1 hour after

    • Biopsy

      • 5-7 working days

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