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Executive Commitee

Perpetual Succour Hospital, Inc.

Medical Director
Assistant Medical Director
Director Continuing Medical Education
Chairman, Dept of  Anesthesia
Training Officer Dept,  of Anesthesia
Chairman, Dept of Community & Family Medicine
Training Officer, CME
Training Officer, Dept of Community & Family Medicine
Chairman, Dept. of Pathology
Chairman, Dept. of Surgery
Chairman, Dept of Pediatrics
Chairman, Dept. of Internal Medicine
Chairman, Dept. of OB-Gyne
Chairman, Dept of Radiology
Training Officer, Dept. of Pediatrics
Training Officer, Dept of OB-Gyne
Training Officer, Dept of internal Medicine
Training Officer, Dept of Radiology
Assistant Training officer Dept. of Surgery
Training Officer Dept. of Surgery
Co-Chair Dept. of Surgery
Chairman Section of Pulmology
Chairman Section of Cardiology
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