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Experience Hospital at its Finest

Experience Hospital Technology at its Finest

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Philips Ingenuity Elite CT Scan

For efficient service and accurate and speedy diagnosis, PSH added one more sophisticated Unit of CT Scan (Philips Ingenuity Elite). The CT scanner offers low radiation dose and at the same time high-end imagery with 128 slices which enables doctors to see in excellent detail the vessels in any part of the human body. Faster than the current machines in the market, the Philips Ingenuity Elite Scanner completes a whole-body scan in less than 20 seconds, setting a new standard in digital imaging.

The Philips CT scanner is excellent for neurology, cardiology, spinal and abdominal scanning as well as peripheral angiograms with special feature for pediatric patient scanning and Pediatric Angiography. Moreover, improved contrast enhancement helps view minute details such as cardiac bypass grafts and vascular structures in the lungs.

Siemens Magnetom Essenza 1.5 TESLA MRI

Designed with a goal to be able to support clinical success, the Siemens Magnetom Essenza 1.5 TESLA MRI can deliver the highest degree of imaging accuracy over the other existing MRI Systems. At amazing speeds, it sets the new standard in MR Imaging.

The Open-bore design of the machine can accommodate larger patient demographics (70cm - about 2 feet up to 550 lbs or 250 kg). The room is air-conditioned with an added feature which allows the temperature to be adjusted at the preference of the patient. It also provides a more soothing and calming environment which helps lower patient’s anxiety during the procedure.

PSH’s acquisition of this equipment supports its goal of providing quality and efficient care to its customers through new hospital technology.

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