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The Gastrointestinal Diagnostic and Therapeutic unit

Spirituality of Compassion, Shepherding Leadership, Innovative Excellence, Superior  Expertise

General Guidelines:

  • Scheduling of the procedures must be made at least a day or a week before the intended date to avoid time conflict with other endoscopy procedures. 

  • For out-patients, scheduling is done by the consultants through the endoscopy nurse.

  • For in-patients, scheduling is done by the ward nurse through the endoscopy nurse.

  • The patient is placed on NPO (Not to take anything by mouth) at least 6-8 hours prior to the procedure or depending on the doctor’s order.

  • Pre-op medications are given prior to the procedure as ordered by the doctor.

  • An informed consent of the procedure is obtained, signed by the patient or any legally authorized representative.

  • Only accredited Consultants of PSH can perform procedures and avail of the facilities of the unit.

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