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Infection Prevention and Control

Spirituality of Compassion, Shepherding Leadership, Innovative Excellence, Superior  Expertise

The Heart of Patient Care

Hospital cleanliness makes all the difference in both prevention and control of infection. We believe that hand washing and/or hand decontamination is the single most important measure we can all take to prevent the spread of infection.

Care for Staff and Personnel

Aside from HIV Testing, PSH also gave the staff and personnel free Hepatitis B screening and subsidized their vaccination.

Our employee’s health and well-being are important, as we want them to be fit and ready to give the outmost care to our patients. In response to the growing prevalence of HIV cases in the Philippines, all employees were given the opportunity to have a confidential counseling and HIV testing for free.


The Infection Control section also facilitates the provision of training and seminars to staff and personnel:

Hand Hygiene Workshop for Auditors

In celebration of the Global Hand Washing Day, representatives from various departments were invited to attend the workshop on proper  hand hygiene in partnership with the Aesculap Academy.

HIV Advocacy: Spread the Love, not the Virus

We believe that by means of education, staff and personnel will make a change in caring patients with HIV and will have a deeper knowledge on how to prevent HIV.

The SPC sisters together with their lay partners attended the Pastoral Training on HIV/AIDS which taught the participants the nature of HIV and means to better help people infected with the virus.

Just like us, people living with HIV are humans too. CBCP Episcopal Commission on Health Care executive secretary, Fr. Dan Vicente Cancino, MI was invited to orient the staff and personnel the essential facts about HIV-AIDS and the appropriate way to deal with people living with HIV.

Our HIV advocacy is not limited to PSH staff and personnel. We visited Julio Cardinal Rosales Memorial Hospital to impart the knowledge on HIV and about people living with the disease.

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