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The promise of better Cancer Treatment soon to come

Varian Clinac® iX System

PSH unveils its newest acquisition: the Siemens-Varian Radiation Oncology System. The new system will be installed this July 2017.

The high-performance Clinac® is a reliable accelerator built on the proven C-series platform. This powerful workhorse treats thousands of patients around the world every day. Designed to deliver a wide range of imaging and patient treatment options, the Clinac system offers advanced features to facilitate state-of-the-art treatments.

Clinac is capable of delivering a wide range of advanced features for added treatment versatility, and flexible imaging options. This combination of quality and customization allows clinicians to meet the specific needs of each patient and allow for future treatment advances to be within reach.

The following equipment combine to provide a complete system that will enable easy treatment in any area of the body appropriate for radiation therapy.

  • Varian Clinac iX-S Linear Accelerator

  • Siemens Somatom Spirit CT-Planning System

  • Varian Gamma MedPlus iX Brachy Therapy System with Siemens SireMobil Compact L C-arm Machine

The addition of the new machines will upgrade our services and provide a welcome addition to complete our comprehensive cancer care program.

For further inquiries, please contact us through the following numbers:

Trunk line: (032) 233-8620 local 171Direct line: (032) 233-9399

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