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Government Services Insurance System

Government Services Insurance System

The GSIS is a social security institution created by Commonwealth Act No. 186 that was passed on November 14, 1936, and later amended under Republic Act No. 8291 dated June 24, 1997. GSIS, as designed in its charter, is a social insurance institution under a defined benefit scheme. It insures its members against the occurrence of certain contingencies in exchange for their monthly premium contributions. The social security benefits available to all GSIS members are: compulsory life insurance, optional life insurance, retirement benefits, disability benefits for work-related contingencies and death benefits. In addition, the GSIS is entrusted with the administration of the General Insurance Fund by virtue of R.A. 656 of the Property Insurance Law. It provides insurance coverage to assets and properties that have government insurable interests.

The GSIS Hospitalization Program

All admitted or out-patient GSIS active members can now enjoy 10 - 40% discount after Philhealth deductions. All they need to do is present their E-card to our clerk at our Admissions Office (in case of admission) or to our Finance Office staff (for out-patients) upon payment.

The following are the discounts they can enjoy (excluding doctors' fees):

  • 30% off on MRI and CT-Scan

  • 40% off on Common Procedures like:

    • Electrocardiography, X-ray, Ultrasound and selected Laboratory exams

  • 35% off on Special Procedures like:

    • 2D-Echocardiography, Treadmill/Stress Test, Coronary Angiography, Arterial Doppler, Mammogram, Nuclear Medicine procedures, 3D Conformal, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Holter Monitoring, Endoscopy

  • 30% off on Room and Board Rates (ICU Complex, ER, OR and RR)

  • 30% off from marked-up price

    • Medicines and supplies used in line with the hospitalization, out-patient consultation/procedure or emergency care

  • 30% off on Endoscopy

Pensioners may avail of the GSIS discounts. However, pensioners are also entitled to senior citizen discounts or magna carta. Thus, the prevailing discount that will be applied will be whichever is higher.

Dependents of active members are also entitled to a 10% discount on selected medical services and supplies. They just need to be accompanied by the GSIS member with their E-card. Members/pensioners must present an E-card or UMID card to be able to avail of the above discount. In the absence of an E-card or UMID card, please secure a Certification from the GSIS office in Cebu for availment of the GHSP.

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