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Rehab Solutions Incorporated

Rehab Solutions Incorporated

A PSH Center of Excellence

Your partner in quality life, RSI is a Perpetual Succour center of excellence. Inaugurated on January 25, 2003, RSI offers a broad range of devices, medications, and therapies. The team approach is utilized to identify and solve the problems associated with the patient's impairments, disabilities and handicaps. One can visit RSI at the ground floor of the SPC Medical Specialty Centre. In our hope to not only add years to your, we want to help you achieve a good quality of life.

The following are the comprehensive rehabilitation services offered in the centre:
  1. ​Sports Rehab - core therapy training, Plyometrics

  2. Individualized and supervised exercise program

  3. Aerobic exercise program - use of Cross Trainer, Treadmill, Exercycle

  4. Free Weights resistance exercise training

  5. ENRAF Nonius Pneumatic Powered Machines - for specialized individual muscle training

  6. Therapeutic Balls for Balance Training

  1. Clinical Evaluation

  2. Medical Referral System to Laboratory tests, Invasive/Non-Invasive Imaging Studies

  3. Electrodiagnostic Tests - EMG (Electromyography), NCV (Nerve Conduction Velocity), SSEP (Somatosensory Evoked Potentials)

  4. Musculoskeletal and Work-related tests

  5. Functional Assesment

  6. Orthoses/ Protheses prescription

  7. Joint and Soft Tissue Injections Botulinum Toxin injections for pain spasticity, facial assymmetry due to Bell's Palsy, a facial dykinesia

  8. Tilt Test

More from us
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  1. Balance Training

  2. Movement Training

  3. Strength Training

  4. Functional Training

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